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We’d say Betsy the Chihuahua is usually an exceptionally well behaved little puppy – She has even gone as far as winning the odd prize at puppy school. What more could you ask for? Oh yes, that’s right, we could ask for a little puppy who doesn’t bark at every dog that comes into sight! Yes, that would make outings a lot easier, and would also have made our visit to The Ship Inn Levington a whole lot more enjoyable!

Ship Inn Levington The Ship Inn Levington

We came across The Ship Inn whilst planning our weekend break in Suffolk and used it as a pitt stop for lunch, before heading to the Salthouse Harbour Hotel. The Ship Inn is in a lovely picturesque location, ideal for river walks. We parked in the large car park to the rear of the pub and hesitantly poked our heads around the door to check if it was definitely dog friendly, as there was a sign on the door saying ‘no dogs allowed’ – We were indeed allowed and it turns out the sign was left there from a previous landlord.

We were directed to one of the tables situated right by the toilets -  Not my ideal choice as it was freezing and I would have rather have plonked myself in front of the fire, or had I known Betsy was going to bark, perhaps hidden away in the corner (which we sometimes do so we can relax and not worry about her ‘chatting’ to other dogs)! The lady in charge seemed to be on a bit of a mission as we placed our order and we soon realised that she had a booked out practically all of the dining seats for the ‘walkers’, and within no time at all, the pub went from empty to heaving. Perhaps this was the reason we were relegated to the toilet area and not because we had a little dog with us.

Unfortunately for us, just as our food arrived, in came another pooch and that was that. Betsy started yapping. It was only 30 seconds before the landlady came over and took the menu from our table. She was obviously assessing the situation, which was fair enough. A few quieter minutes later and Betsy was off again. We were about to pick her up and remove her from the pub, just as the landlady asked us to do so anyway. It was all a bit tense… So, Betsy was sent to the naughty corner in the (well-ventilated) car, whilst we quickly finished our meals.

Now we totally understand that naughty barking dogs should not be allowed inside pubs, but after hearing some locals around us chat about how people spoil their dogs and then the landlady chat to someone else about how much she loves working dogs, we couldn’t have got out of there fast enough! I’m not sure if it was a one off, as it was busy, but to us, the food tasted distinctly average and listening to the landlady barking orders at her staff was not the most comfortable environment to be in. It was all about the ‘walkers’ that day that is for sure.

The Ship Inn may say they are a dog friendly pub, but we’d say more like ‘dogs allowed’. The dog Betsy was barking at seemed to be having a grand old time in front of the log fire, and I’m sure many a well-behaved dog have enjoyed their time at this pub, but for us, this was one visit that we don’t want to relive.

As we left the pub there was a family eating outside in the cold – I later read that they do not allow children inside. I think that says it all really…

We give the Ship Inn 5/10 – Dogs allowed, but not adored. 

We are trying to figure out the best way to stop Betsy the Chihuahua barking at other dogs, and it has been mentioned that Chihuahua’s just like to be picked up in a situation like that. Do you have any hints or tips for us?

Stunning views around The Ship Inn, Levington

Ship Inn scenery The Ship Inn Levington

Alex said his dish was good, but not great.

The Ship Inn Levington1 The Ship Inn Levington

My Burger looked great, but was lacking in any seasoning and the wedges were not so tasty either.

Dog Friendly Pub Review The Ship Inn Levington

Date Of Visit: 27th January 2013
Dog Friendly UK Rating: 5 /10
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3 Responses to The Ship Inn Levington

  1. Chris and Mia

    Mia says she knows just how Betsy feels ” I have to let those dogs know I am in charge around here , if they want to say hello nicely thats ok ”
    Yes after 4 years we are still working on that one Alex

    • DFUK

      Well it’s good to know that we’re not alone… Things are improving though! Perhaps Mia and Betsy can practise together one day.

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